My Backstory

Ahh, I can't believe this is my first ever blog post!

Where do I even begin ? Well first and foremost Hi everyone! My name is Naray Ambrosio and I'm a self-taught mixed-media Artist.
I began painting at the end of 2019. I've always sketched and doodled here and there but never took it serious. Partially because I have an older sister who is also an artist. If you have siblings you understand how that can be conflicting depending on your relationship with them. Now before this turns into a therapy session let's get back to how I started. LOL! (I love me a good tangent.) 
I continued on painting through the pandemic, crazy right?! I had no clue it would turn out to be a new found passion of mine. Even through the pandemic I had no idea or really a plan to make a business out of it. I just knew I enjoyed painting. I launched my website May 2021, and immediately got sales through a lot of my friends. The immense support that I received was mind boggling. 
I mean everyone knew me as a fitness/model. I didn't think anyone would take me serious. But little did I know as long as I took myself serious, everything else would follow! 
I wanted my first blog post to be an Inspiration to anyone who's scared to start something new or afraid of following their passion because of outside influences. I'm a walking testament that you should take the risk! 

Live your Truth and everything else will follow! 

I look forward to connecting with you guys more through my blog posts!

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